Cultural programme by the Association of Lithuanian Patent Attorneys

When organising seminars and other events, the Association of Lithuanian Patent Attorneys aims to broaden their horizons not only in the field of IP law, but also in the areas of culture and Lithuanian history. Organising camps or seminars lasting for several days at a different location each year has become a tradition to us.

In September 2013 we held a seminar in Palanga where we mostly concentrated on the history of Klaipeda and Prussian Lithuania. There we had an opportunity to meet dr. Silva Pocyte, the head of the Institute of Baltic Region History and Archeology of Klaipeda University, who talked about Klaipeda, Prussian Lithuania, Prussia and Kaliningrad showing us pictures, maps and original publications of the area. Furthermore, we strode the streets of Palanga with Kestutis Rudis, the head of Palanga Library discovering the history of this lovely resort.

In spring of 2014, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Association by visiting Vytautas Kasiulis Art Museum situated in Vilnius. We were introduced with the artist’s path to creativity and learnt about his life in Kaunas Art School, Germany, demolished after the war, Paris and Vilnius. We also listened to the classical music performed by the young Lithuanian artists.

In autumn of 2014 we spent time in Dzukija. We attended a concert where the duet of Gintare Skeryte (a singer) and Dalia Jatautaite (an organist) played sacral music and which took place in a wooden church of Dubiciai, a small village in Dzukija. In Reda Zaboliene and Alvydas Zabolis’ idyllic villa we had an opportunity to enjoy the singing and dancing of Lakstutes, a folk band from Dubiciai.

In January 2015 we discovered the culture of the nobility of the Central Lithuania. We spent our afternoon in Raudondvaris manor situated in Kaunas region. The manor now has a museum and its head Zigmas Kalesinskas let us dwell into its and its last inhabitants’ (the famous Lithuanian nobility family of Tiskeviciai) histories buy giving details of their lives, their cultural inheritance, manor’s library (over 20000 books and manuscripts), soviet times and a successful and speedy reconstruction of the castle complex between 2008 and 2012. We also had lunch in Raudondvaris conservatory where we listened to a violin played by Kristina Domarkiene.

The upcoming seminar is going to take place in Palanga.

dr. Nijole Viktorija Mickevičiene, the secretary of the Presidium of the Association of Lithuanian Patent Attorneys.

Link to photos about afternoon in Raudondvaris manor situated in Kaunas region here

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