This year Lithuanian Patent Attorneys Association’s camp took place in a beautiful Dzukija region. The event started in a cozy church of Dubiciai with a service later followed by a classical music concert where a singer Gintare Skeryte and an organist Dalia Jatautaite played some classical melodies. After the concert, everyone moved to a summer house of Reda and Alvydas Zaboliai where they participated at a flag raising ceremony.

In this two-day gathering patent attorneys and their family members practiced their Nordic walking skills, attended a lecture on communication and its advantages to both parties and completed other practical tasks. They also enjoyed watching the performance of a folk music band Lakstutes from Dubiciai as well as participating in a pub quiz and just being closer to the nature. After picking and collecting various types of herbs, the participants were happy to become real batik painters and decorated cloths with simple ornaments that are yet so lovingly esteemed by Lithuanians. After a flag lowering ceremony, the participants did not rush back to their homes. Some of them still went for a proper mushroom hunting coming back from a forest with baskets full of boletes, some of them played table tennis and others simply chatted with each other. It is so nice to spend time together with people that, apart from work, you have many other things in common. Dear patent attorneys, we hope to see you next time!

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