Patent Attorney Association Has Celebrated the 20th Anniversary

On 29 of May, the Lithuanian Patent Attorney Association has celebrated the 20th anniversary. The event took place in the Art Museum of Vytautas Kasiulis. On this occasion the Association was congratulated by Mr. Paulius Griciūnas, the Vice-Minister of Justice; Ms. Lina Mickienė, the Deputy Director of the State Patent Bureau delivered a speech; the first presidents of the Association, Mr. Marius Jakulis  Jason, Mr. Leonas Kučinskas, and the current president Ms. Otilija Klimaitienė shared their recollections and congratulated the association on achievements. The guests enjoyed the performance of students of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. During this event the patent attorneys were rewarded for working in this field for more than 40 years.

Marking the 20th anniversary the representatives of the Patent Attorney Association note that innovations and legal protection of inventions are increasingly appreciated in Lithuania.

“In the last twenty years we witnessed the change of scientists’ and business people approach towards patent protection in a positive direction. Lithuanian inventors due to their inventions are appreciated on a higher scale both in local and global market. Moreover, the demand of inventions’ protection has increased due to the higher competitiveness and the patent protection is more often considered as a necessity in business, especially entering foreign markets”, Ms. Otilija Klimaitienė, the President of the Patent Attorney Association, said.

In Lithuania, it is the companies working in the field of information technologies, mechanics, pharmacy and biotechnologies that address the patent attorneys most often. Currently we have 58 active patent attorneys working in our country. The majority of them has both legal and technical education.

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