Opening of the exhibition and the award of “Young inventor”

The exhibition on the occasion of the world intellectual property day was opened on 25th of April, 2014 at the Lithuanian Technical Library. It is designated to meet the development of patent system in the independent state of Lithuania and the beginning of it in the prewar independent state of Lithuania.

At the opening of celebration director of Lithuanian Technical Library, the State Patent Bureau assistant manager and patent attorneys congratulated the personnel of Lithuanian Technical Library, the State Patent Bureau, patent attorneys and other IP specialists on the professional day. Congratulatory talks were dedicated to the theme of this year intellectual property day – film industry. Thanks to the inventions, film industry reached recent level so quickly and we can enjoy the variety of results of these inventions, for example 3D or 5D film screenings. It is interesting that we can find 2 registered inventions connected with films during Lithuania patent history.

Important part of the celebration was the award of “Young Inventor”. World Intellectual Property Organization together with the State Patent Bureau of the Republic of Lithuania awards the best young inventor for the fourth time. This year WIPO gold medal was given to life science researcher Monika Glemžaite.

We invite you to visit this interesting exhibition “20 years to the Lithuanian patent system” at the Lithuanian Technical Library till May 30, 2014. There you can acquaint with the history of Lithuanian cinema and look at the newest inventions of Lithuanian inventors.







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